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Business & Data Strategies

Supporting Growth, Productivity, Risk & People

Lyle Steere Aurelie Steere

Business, Data, Analytics & Technology Expertise

Who We Are

Jawsbury is a team of industry experts specialized in Data-Driven Decision Management. As practitioners we know what it takes to transform your organization into an analytically-driven powerhouse that competes in the digital age.

What We Do

To be competitive your organization must be analytically-driven. We work with you to create a decision-centric and action-oriented business architecture with proven results supporting Growth, Productivity, Risk & People. Leveraging our global exposure supporting industry leading firms, we provide a full-service, vendor-neutral management consulting offering.

Lyle Steere Aurelie Steere

Strategically Aligned to Support Corporate Goals and Compete in the Digital Age

Lyle Steere Aurelie Steere

Inspiration, Determination, Innovation, Excellence, Passion, Success

How We Differ

Our customers rely on our collective experience, program design, high-touch support model, and easy-to-digest deliverables to make key business decisions. They also welcome our ability to present and translate findings into actions that are strategically aligned in support of business objectives. digital in your organization's DNA?


Industry Insights

Lyle Steere Aurelie Steere

Financial Services

& Insurance



Biotech & Pharmaceutical




& Consulting



& Municipalities



& Defence





& Logistics


Our specialty

Aligned to meet the demands and compete in the digital age

Lyle Steere Aurelie Steere

Corporate Leadership &



Your Focus is our Focus

Organizational Structures, Business Processes, Business Rules, Business Glossaries & Business Governance in support of company objectives around

Growth, Productivity, Risk & People.

Lyle Steere Aurelie Steere

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Assets, Data Types, Data Characteristics, Data Dictionaries, Business Logic, Data Lineage, IT Governance and Global Data Infrastructures.

Lyle Steere Aurelie Steere



Enterprise Analytics

Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Business Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Global Analytics Infrastructures.

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